Lesson Learnt

I have at last, after much contemplation, come to a fairly consoling conclusion that life is tough.  It teaches us a gazillion things in our lifetime. We don’t usually see it that way. For most of us, even for me, life is at times just not FAIR. But isn’t it up to us to not let serious things get to us? I know we as the great homo sapiens, the most intelligent of species, have the greatest gift ever…Ignorance. We, who invented a most reassuring saying, “Ignorance is bliss”. Ignore all things unimportant and not worth one’s time. Do not let the annoying, sad or crazy times of life get to you. There will be many a maddening, skin scratching, eye-ball plucking sort of people and situations. We are adequately crazy with our plate full of crazier things! Do not take life so seriously which would result in great exasperation nor too callously so as to be blinded of the priorities. Be in equilibrium. We are to laugh and make merry! Laugh at other people’s silliness; laugh louder at our own. That’s life. Nothing more, nothing less.

I know I write too much! Forgive me, for I talk less!

Cheers, then!

P.S.- I think the people who know this, are the happiest.


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