Monsieur Gustave left me Whip-lashed!

PicMonkey Collage

I recently (A long overdue) watched  “The Grand Budapest Hotel” & “Whiplash”; and let me tell you, both these left me as mesmerized as never before. For me, they were true works of art, the epitome. Monsieur Gustave, left me yearning, to visit a place like Zubrowka; a place with quietude yet filled with it’s own share of unparalleled adventure. While Fletcher’s dominating air, made me wish to punch him, at least once but the ending, kind of settled that deep urge. I wanted to fist pump! I still cant relate to the feeling of victory that I felt with the just ending! It Blew….like phooo….me away! It literally left me whip-lashed(in a good way) So, if you guys haven’t already seen it, please, go Watch it; Right Now! Both the movies. Now. 🙂


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