Shaken & Stirred



An earthquake is the result of a sudden release of energy in the Earth’s crust that creates seismic waves. (source: Wikipedia) often leading to grief and mass destruction (my added part).

It was around 11:40 AM, IST (ish). I was in my room, dusting the study table (my mum had been nagging me to do so, for a few weeks). Dad, Mum & Sam had gone to work/ school. I felt the tremor, a very strong jolt, which convinced me without much ado & I feared the inevitable. The jolt was strong, so that the ground beneath my feet( pun intended) shook much vigorously. Ammachi (my paternal grandmother) & I were home, alone. We sprinted with much instability and hurriedly (age has slowed down her pace) as fast as we could, went out of the building. All the folks in the neighborhood had already assembled down. To think that we were about 325km away from the site of destruction is something that I’m still trying to wrap my mind around. Though the tremors( it continued for the next 24 hours, at intervals)  as they reported in our area was the greatest ever experienced in our state, it surely was but a miniscule, compared to the catastrophe experienced by Nepal. I can’t even begin to comprehend. Earthquake, you disrupted my faculties and messed up with my equilibrium! Not to mention the numerous lives you took, the grief of which is insurmountable. I hope that our neighbors (Nepal) overcome the trials and tribulations of present times; soon.

Much prayers, peace & love, Nepal.


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