Bane of my existence.


Well, today, unlike most of the days, I had time on hand. So, basically having my braincells fry in the Indian summer, my mind wandered off to the things in life that annoy/piss me, like sincerely ( I don’t know if it makes any sense, but, I can’t possibly brush aside such things as trivial/ insignificant & which need to be urgently addressed!)

1. Forgetfulness – It has struck me quiet recently that I tend to forget stuff. You might think I’m exaggerating or something but, no. I’m positively sure that because I’m just 20, i don’t have dementia or something like that, but I’ve had this weird sense of deja vu coupled with another weird concoction of forgetfulness! I know it doesn’t make sense but I feel as though I’m forgetting some of the movies /books I might have watched/ read over the years,  I don’t think it is that acutely chronic but it does bother me.

2. Judgmental/ Hypocritical / Condescending People – Need I say more. I’m pretty sure we all have encountered such species at some point in our lives. I try taking them, more often than not, at a stride, but, they have the uncanny ability to just get on your nerves!

3. Movies that end without a concrete ending( hey, you are not supposed to roll the credits out, yet! )

4. Mosquitoes– Those blood sucking buggers( pun intended! ) 😛

5. People making noise whilst eating (Extremely loud and Incredibly annoying!) 😉

6. I am supremely clumsy! There, I said it. Its like clumsiness is my surname. Hi, I’m Clumsy. Hannah Clumsy. 😉

7. Stage fright– Oh. My…thinking of it makes me tremble(jk). But it is a grave problem that I wish I’d overcome.

8. Moriarty & Iago– Because, it’s Elementary! 😀

9. Bad hair days, PMS-ing, my mysterious mood-swings, some relatives that feel like forced customs and traditions. Why be so? 😐

10. Rubik’s Cube– How does a mortal being come even close to solving it?! (The world record is at 5.25 seconds; My mouth is still agape! It greatly baffles me!) 😮

*Please do share with me some of your pet peeves/ bane of existence. 😀


21 thoughts on “Bane of my existence.

  1. Hahah, looks like we have a lot of things in common! I hate attending marriages of people I don’t know well. My parents force me to come to “maintain relations”. WHY? Why?! Why can’t I just sit at home and read a nice novel?

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    • Haha…yes it’s always nice bumping/ meeting new people with such similarity! Always a pleasure 🙂
      And yes, I can totally feel your predicament, been there, done that ;p
      I always feel lost in such occasions, having no familiar face around, literally tugging behind my mum’s sari, even though I’m 20! :p

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      • Hahahah, even I’m going to turn 20 this year! 😀
        It’s time parents stop forcing us to these things! Although, I admit I do like wearing nice dresses and looking good (for once!) while going these marriages. 😛

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    • Hey Prateek, thank you for dropping by, following & liking the posts! 😀
      Yes, I couldn’t agree more with you! Its a total peace wrecker!
      Smart phones, have made things all the more tedious & takes the fun out of doing the littlest of things. ( like, sending / receiving a letter would be so meaningful than a frivolous 5 min call or two lines of incoherent message) 🙂

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      • I’ve always wanted to carry a brick in my vehicle so anytime I run into an idiot I can just toss it out my window while passing by. That’s not ridiculous is it?

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      • Well, you carrying a brick in your vehicle is no big deal, but you throwing it at someone is surely Ridiculous! 😀
        You could always hope no such ‘idiots’ are on the road & possibly pray for their conversion! 😀
        I hope you don’t give in to your urge! 🙂

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