Deafening, silence!


While the song lasts for the time it is meant to, his sorrows seemed to be a little less intimidating.

When it ends, back to square one.

He doesn’t like the silence that comes after the end of a good song, because it is a cue for him to go to the dry cleaners, like she had asked him to. And pay the bills. And buy groceries. Phew!

Some people can be so overtly imposing,

and some like him, too meek to revolt;

he wondered, as he drove home from the bar.

A pint at times can drown all the sorrows; coupled with a good song.


9 thoughts on “Deafening, silence!

  1. Oh dear. I think he needs to stand up to this domineering ‘she’, whoever she is. It seems as though she has him at her beck and call, and he’s too timid to stand up to her. Nicely written, Hannah. I like the way the pint and the musice ease his sorrows for a while. 🙂

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  2. It was beautiful and I loved the sensation of peace that prevailed as the imagery of him driving floated in front of eyes. But maybe if ‘she’ is not there to impose and make him do all the stuff that needs to be done, probably that stuff won’t be done and he certainly won’t be having the liberty to listen to songs along with a beer 😉

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    • Well, ‘she’ is a dominating figure who seems to have her ways; things will be done, at one time or the other. He’ll always, like I believe, have the liberty to go the bar for beer, for it is his ‘happy place’, she probably won’t spoil that; at least i wont let her! 😉
      Happy you liked it! And I also liked your take on it!
      Thank you, Prateek! 🙂

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  3. I think the only reason they are still going on is because of their opposite behavior – dominating and submissive. But the poor thing he really needs to do something until then beer seems to be the best remedy. 🙂 Nicely done, Hannah.

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    • Yes, that is the thing. Opposites attract is probably a true & worn out cliche!
      Hope is what keeps people going…
      Till then, his beer keeps him company, is his refuge!
      Thank you, Norma! Glad you liked it! 🙂


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