In Retrospect

Image Source: Google

Image Source: Google

I’m lying on my bed. I am six. There is a window on the right, which opens to the most beautiful sight one could possibly set their eyes on. Every morning as I wake up, I pull back the curtains, to see the view through my window, for the day. I see the prettiest blue sky, the fluffiest white clouds, all lit up brightly in the splendour and glory of the sun’s light. I do not wish to get off of my bed. I do not wish to set my eyes on anything but this. I wish to gaze into the endless blue, all throughout . I hear mummy calling me┬áimpatiently, for the bus would arrive in 10 minutes. I must get going, for school beckons. Okay. See you tomorrow. Bye.

*Gah, I miss those carefree days; of youth and childlike awe!

Do share with me your own such memories/ stories. I’d love to hear them.

Thank you! ­čÖé