Grown too soon, too soon.

We were the world.

We were for one.

We were invincible.

Were we?

-thoughts, as i enter my 21st year


Bane of my existence.


Well, today, unlike most of the days, I had time on hand. So, basically having my braincells fry in the Indian summer, my mind wandered off to the things in life that annoy/piss me, like sincerely ( I don’t know if it makes any sense, but, I can’t possibly brush aside such things as trivial/ insignificant & which need to be urgently addressed!)

1. Forgetfulness – It has struck me quiet recently that I tend to forget stuff. You might think I’m exaggerating or something but, no. I’m positively sure that because I’m just 20, i don’t have dementia or something like that, but I’ve had this weird sense of deja vu coupled with another weird concoction of forgetfulness! I know it doesn’t make sense but I feel as though I’m forgetting some of the movies /books I might have watched/ read over the years,  I don’t think it is that acutely chronic but it does bother me.

2. Judgmental/ Hypocritical / Condescending People – Need I say more. I’m pretty sure we all have encountered such species at some point in our lives. I try taking them, more often than not, at a stride, but, they have the uncanny ability to just get on your nerves!

3. Movies that end without a concrete ending( hey, you are not supposed to roll the credits out, yet! )

4. Mosquitoes– Those blood sucking buggers( pun intended! ) 😛

5. People making noise whilst eating (Extremely loud and Incredibly annoying!) 😉

6. I am supremely clumsy! There, I said it. Its like clumsiness is my surname. Hi, I’m Clumsy. Hannah Clumsy. 😉

7. Stage fright– Oh. My…thinking of it makes me tremble(jk). But it is a grave problem that I wish I’d overcome.

8. Moriarty & Iago– Because, it’s Elementary! 😀

9. Bad hair days, PMS-ing, my mysterious mood-swings, some relatives that feel like forced customs and traditions. Why be so? 😐

10. Rubik’s Cube– How does a mortal being come even close to solving it?! (The world record is at 5.25 seconds; My mouth is still agape! It greatly baffles me!) 😮

*Please do share with me some of your pet peeves/ bane of existence. 😀

Thought for the Day!



His fair, fair countenance

looked rare, rare in the instance!

(These lines recently, out of nowhere

popped into my head and I have tried endlessly to divert my mind from it;

but in vain.)

Sigh! :/

*P.s. Not that I’m plagued or anything by the thought,

it itself is so irresistible an idea that I’m fixated on it, incessantly! 🙂



It hurts so much. I do not complain. Nobody notices. I lie, wreathing in agony. Lost all sense of security. A morose feeling takes over the little frolic I have in me. Days feel longer, hours a lifetime. I do not complain. It just hurts so much. The pain. The ant bite, hurts so much! Thanks for bearing with my sinuous yet bona fide innuendo. Have a cupcake! 🙂

Tiny Tales Take2- Hannah.

Lesson Learnt

I have at last, after much contemplation, come to a fairly consoling conclusion that life is tough.  It teaches us a gazillion things in our lifetime. We don’t usually see it that way. For most of us, even for me, life is at times just not FAIR. But isn’t it up to us to not let serious things get to us? I know we as the great homo sapiens, the most intelligent of species, have the greatest gift ever…Ignorance. We, who invented a most reassuring saying, “Ignorance is bliss”. Ignore all things unimportant and not worth one’s time. Do not let the annoying, sad or crazy times of life get to you. There will be many a maddening, skin scratching, eye-ball plucking sort of people and situations. We are adequately crazy with our plate full of crazier things! Do not take life so seriously which would result in great exasperation nor too callously so as to be blinded of the priorities. Be in equilibrium. We are to laugh and make merry! Laugh at other people’s silliness; laugh louder at our own. That’s life. Nothing more, nothing less.

I know I write too much! Forgive me, for I talk less!

Cheers, then!

P.S.- I think the people who know this, are the happiest.